onguardhalequinPeter G. Hurley

Renaissance Man or just seriously deluded?

"My career has mutated and branched out in some rather strange ways.

I am a professional actor, director, drama teacher, songwriter, graphic artist, web designer, blacksmith, woodworker, storyteller and Certified Fight Director..."

His dramatic training includes Acting & Directing studied at the University of Guelph, mime with the premiere artist, Paul Gaulin, movement with Gordon Douton, (a performance artist who mixed the disciplines of acting, mime, martial arts, and yoga), "Industrial Strength" on-camera technique from Allen Gough. He also trained in improv at Second City during the heady days of S.C.T.V. and the birth of Theatresports.


After years of working as an actor he went to the United States to study stage combat with The Society of American Fight Directors, and later with Fight Directors Canada. He currently holds the internationally recognized ranking of Fight Director. When not acting he is often seen swinging swords about, creating various forms of dramatic and comic mayhem and/or teaching, training, and choreographing fellow actors in the gentle art of fight scenes. I also worked 8 years as a Display Fireworks Supervisor!

"And occasionally I get a desk job... nudge-nudge, wink-wink!"