bipbopStage Combat is a safe and effective means of creating comic and dramatic scenes of action. Learn how actors create the illusion of physical conflict without getting hurt.

An Introduction to Stage Combat taught by Peter Hurley and Ian Walsh of Blackthorn Productions

These workshops are designed for any grade of High School Drama class. A unique opportunity to learn this exciting and surprisingly safe art form from a professionally certified Fight Directors.


This workshop demonstrates the safety and basics of what Staged Violence really is. From Chokes and slaps to punches and kicks, various moves will be demonstrated and then the students will get to try them out. Spread over two class period (2 days), this allows for demonstration and teaching on Day 1, followed by review, rehearsal and presentation of a short sequence of choreography on Day 2.

The Sword:

In this workshop the students will be taught safety, footwork, parries and attacks. Following the same format for Unarmed the students will be taught the basics on day 1 and then given a short piece of choreography on day 2 to rehearse and present. Theatrical swords will be provided.

Students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major program with an interest in stage combat are welcome to attend these workshops for credit.  Separate workshops can be arranged if the numbers of SHSM students are more than can be accommodated in two regular class periods.

Cost: $750 +HST (Each workshop is done over 2 class periods over 2 days or same day if schedule allows).

mmmThe Mime, Mask & Movement Workshop is a fun exploration into drama, without words getting in the way.



It begins with a basic introduction to the technical elements of mime, such as isolations. We will then move onto expression of character, thought, emotion, and stories, by using only non-verbal means. We will also work with masks to see how this affects how we can express ourselves as actors. Masks are truly amazing. They can help to magnify the effectiveness of non-verbal acting, and are an excellent way for shy participants to feel more comfortable when getting up in front of other people.

Cost: $200, plus travel expenses where applicable


The Improv & Character Workshop teaches useful keys to creating fun, and interesting characters, using the improvisational process.

Although some aspects of creating characters based on text will be discussed, we will mainly deal with quick and effective means of creating characters that are useful for any dramatic situation.

Cost: $200, plus travel expenses where applicable

Peter Hurley's Teaching Experience