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The pen may or may not be mightier than the sword, so why take chances?

My web design skills are self taught. I aim for simplicity and quick page loading. Flash is fun but annoying to those not yet on high-speed. I have found that, although there are lots of new things to learn, the same principles of design, style, and clarity always apply. My own site here has been a fun little exercise and exploration of this new medium and it was how I began to teach myself the rudiments of web design.

My graphic work has been been mostly production posters for Herongate Barn Theatre, located in Pickering, Ontario. My latest work can be seen there.

Below are some recent samples to give a rough idea of what the 11x17 finished product looks like. I do this work on the side, but quality work is something I take pride in. I do not charge much for my work, but I do try to give as fine and well thought out product as possible.

Just click on any poster thumbnail to see a larger version.

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