Stage Combat

Fight Directors, Canada
The Society of American Fight Directors
International Order of the Sword & Pen
Stunt Grunts
International Stunt School/ United Stuntmans Assoc.
Anthony de Longis
Rapier Wit
Company of the Black Rose
Noble Blades
Atlantic Stage Combat School

History & Historical Fun

Royal Medieval Faire
History comes alive (historical presentations)
Meso-American Ball Game
Women Warriors
La Maupin (my heroine!)


The Armour Archive
Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Medieval Tymes
The Middle ages
Medieval Sourcebook
The Arador Armour Library
Images of Medeival Armour
Tales of the Middle Ages
The Age of King Charles V


Roman Archaelogy
Legio Decima Gemina
Nova Roma
Legio II Augusta
Legio XXIV
Legio XV
Legio XX
Rome Military Resources
Legio XIV
Rome Resources
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
The Roman Army

Weapons, Armour, & Costume

Triplette Competition Arms
American Fencers Supply
The Sword and the Stone
Heimrick Armeor
Truehearth Armoury
Medieval Reproductions
Valentine Armoury
Museum Replicas
Swords 'n' Stuff
Del Tin
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Southtower Armouring Guild
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The Renstore
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Soul of the Warrior
Terry Nix Collection
By the Sword
Therion Arms
Imperial Weapons
Kult of Athena
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The Costume Site
Great War Militaria

Theatre Arts

Centauri Summer Arts Camp
Direct Plays
Drew's Script-o-rama
Internet Shakespeare
Summer Theatre (Ontario)
Canadian Actor's Equity
Stage Door
The Borelians - Community Theatre Port Perry Ontario