This presentation is the amazing story of the oil discoveries in Oil Springs and Petrolia Ontario which then led to Canadian boys opening up many of the major oil fields of today. The very first commercial oil well in the world was in Oil Springs and there was a time when Petrolia was as well known in the world as New York and San Francisco. And why not? Oil was gushing out of the ground and making it a town full of millionaires. In those early oil days it was a torturous process of getting the oil out of the ground, hauled out of the swamps and muddy fields to the distillers and then to the consumer. It was a time of true pioneering spirit and remarkable innovation. Canadian expertise became renowned throughout the world. Today, it is often a forgotten story, but now there is an opportunity for Canadian students to hear it told with drama, humour, and enthusiasm!

The Fall of Mexico

A dramatic and balanced account of what happened when two mighty empires clashed almost 500 years ago.

The Mexica (mesheeca) people explode out of their city state, conquer many peoples, and create what would later times be known as the vast and powerful Aztec Empire.

Across the unknown sea, generations of Spanish conflict with the Moors ends when a united Spain crushes the city state of Granada, last stronghold of the 800 year Moorish occupation. In the heady times that follow, this proud new nation looks toward creating its own empire.

In the year 1492, riding the crest of this euphoric wave, an obscure Italian dreamer named Christoph Colon sails the ocean blue and opens the door to glories and atrocities beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

There are so many stories from this time of first contact between Europeans and the peoples of the Americas. Astonishing adventures, incomprehensible horrors, stunning victories, and mind numbing tragedies. Out of all of these, perhaps the most amazing is the story of Hernan Cortez and the conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, ruled by the mighty emperor Montezuma II. It is the story of Cortez, his captains, followers, and his enemies. It is the story of Mexicans, the conquered peoples they ruled, and who then turned against them. It is also the story of the beautiful and mysterious Dona Marina.

One of the greatest siege battles in history was fought for the control of the Mexican Empire. The conquered conquerors are now called the Aztec. They still live in the Mexico Valley, and they neither forget, nor forgive the name of the man that wrought their doom...Cortez.