roamncenturion Roman Soldier
20th Legion
Valiant and Victorious

More than a slogan,
it's a way of life!
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Have you got what it takes to be a world conqueror? Marcus Annaeus Felix, a veteran officer of the Imperial 20th Legion is looking for new recruits in your area.

Learn skills, drills, and disciplines of the Roman Legions. This is the chance for barbarian scum to earn the greatest honour anyone could hope for: Roman Citizenship. From epic battles in the forests of Germania to the crushing defeat of Queen Boudicca in Britannia, Marcus has seen it all, and he's more than happy to give you an insight into the Roman mind.

The Roman Soldier presentation is done in character, Marcus Annaeus Felix. It involves role playing as my character is a 1st Century A.D. seasoned veteran of many battles. The students are the raw barbarian scum, prospective recruits for the 20th Legion, Valiant and Victorious, (Legio XX Valeria Victrix). History, what life was like, and the Roman mindset , are all given out in an anecdotal fashion.

This show involves Roman military drill and requires a big space!

romandrawn"The art of war was, in fact, an integral part of Roman statecraft...The Romans did not in general admire war; still less did they romanticize it; but they understood it, and without appreciating the way they did so, we cannot understand them." -- F.E. Adcock

1 performance

2 performances (same show, same day)
1 1/2 - 2 hours
(less if needed)
Where applicable

1-3 classes