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Stage Combat. It's not exactly a term designed to reassure the timid. It is, in fact, a very caring and gentle art, created by actors, for actors, to create the illusion of physical conflict.

The skills of stage combat and professional choreography provide a safe and effective means of creating comic and dramatic scenes of action. No production company or theatre should be limited to scripts that do not involve action sequences. No Director should have to limit performances, or the fun and dramatic impact when scripts get physical.

I am a highly trained stage combat specialist and choreographer who has trained and certified with The Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada. I currently hold the internationally recognized rank of Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. I work hard at being sensitive to the intent of the author, the director, and the needs of the actor.

For either a "quick fix" or an all-out battle, I am a proven success at creating sensational scenes that reflect kinetic reality and historical accuracy for theatre and camera.

Stage combat workshops are also available for your school or theatre group!

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