WWI Canadian Infantry Soldier
Pvt. Fred “Lucky” LeFeuvre
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This highly entertaining, and emotionally charged presentation, is based on the hard-hitting reminiscences of Fred LeFeuvre, a veteran of the Canadian Infantry, 2nd Division, 4th Brigade, 19th Battalion.

His story moves us to consider the heartbreaking realities of war and reveals the Western Front of the First World War from the perspective of the "Poor Bloody Infantry".

It is a personal account, and so deals with the horrific reality of day-to-day life in the trenches, rather than the political causes of the war or the strategy of the great battles.

Special emphasis is given to the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The day of this battle, Easter Monday 1917, is said by many to be the day that Canada truly became a nation. This show was originally created by David Morris.
1 performance

2 performances (same show, same day)
90 min. - 2hours
(A shorter version can be performed, but it has less impact, and there can be no Q&A after.)
Where applicable Please keep the numbers/venue such that an intimate performance is possible.